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Agricola - 15th Anniversary



Agricola - 15th Anniversary

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30–120 min
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Agricola 15 celebrates the 15th anniversary of Uwe Rosenbergs Agricola by packing a lot of material created since the games debut into a single XXL box: the revised edition of the Agricola base game, the complete Artifex and Bubulcus expansion decks, promo items that were previously long gone (adapted to go with the revised edition), some novelties (and no, you dont have all the L-Deck cards yet...), and a well-organized inlay for quick set-up and storage.

In total, Agricola 15 contains 430 cards, more than 200 tokens, and more than 270 wooden components. This set is compatible with both the Farmers of the Moor expansion and the expansion for five and six players.

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